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Session 39

Day 195 (1st cycle of autumn, 7th day)
The Sons left for Oakwood and the druid grove found mentioned in some texts. They arrived there a couple of hours later, and talked to a druid named Harold, who was somewhat hesitant in allowing them to pass through. But they managed to convince him that they could hold their own against monsters in the Feywild, even hags such as Agatha.

Once through the portal (which was a space between two menhirs, activated for a few seconds once a day by saying "Safe passage home" in elven), they ran into Zika, a dryad. After some back and forth, they agreed to plant some acorn in a circle in Oakwood for her, in exchange for information about someone who knew where to find Agatha. She did warn them against seeking out the hag, as she was "nasty business".

Once the deal concluded, they headed north and west along the river to find Barkskin. They were attacked by some animated trees and an owlbear, before they at evening found an abandoned crystal tower. Inside was spell-trapped, but Nevron managed to dispel quite a few, and they found some magical spells and potions.

Day 196 (1st cycle of autumn, 8th day)
The next day they continued, and after an episode with their makeshift raft that fell apart while traversing the river, they found Barkskin. Unsurprisingly, Barkskin turned out to be an old treant, and while he wanted nothing to do with their gold, he did want some help killing some phase spiders who had nested nearby in a valley he couldn't access due to his size. 

Once the spiders had been killed, the Sons were told how to find Agatha, and they continued north. 

Day 197 (1st cycle of autumn, 9th day)
As they awoke and the magical shelter faded, they were attacked by three trolls. They quickly dispatched them and moved on. Soon enough, they ran into a huge dinosaur and a big snake, but Nevron polymorphed it into a tortoise and they moved on, putting some distance between themselves and the fearsome monster.

At night, as they were about to stop for a break, they met with Gandolfo the Magnificent, a traveling gnome bard. Suspicious at first, the Sons eventually warmed a bit up to them, and they got talking. They learned about a magical fair nearby, that Agatha was a powerful spellcaster, that her hut was magical and much bigger inside than outside and that she had a minotaur pet guardian named Moo, who had a big axe.

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