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Session 38

Day 185 (3rd cycle of summer, 34th day)
The Sons spend a couple of days researching Garos (one of which Nevron spent temporarily insane), but could find nothing about him. Apparently, Saint Michael's right hand was an angel named Ulmator and it had been so for at least 1000 years. After the research and some dancing around the pot, the Sons finally decided to try to break the crystal coffin, which was no longer protected against divine magic.

Arath started to hit it with his hammer, which he had infused with divine magic. Soon the crystal coffin cracked, and Garos emerged. He seemingly completely ignored the Sons, picked up an iron rod on the floor and infused it with magical runes only to drop it on the floor and vanish.

Day 186 (3rd cycle of summer, 35th day)
Nevron researches the rod and figures out that if they strike it on a hard surface and says his name, they either summon him or his consciousness. 

The Sons decide to take a trip back to the mine where they released the demon, to question the worshippers of Mask that were trying to keep the demon entrapped, maybe they know more.

During their research, they also learn that Natalia Blackhorn is the only mortal who knows of the reason why Ter-Zoth wanted Garos specifically.

Day 190 (1st cycle of autumn, 2nd day)
The Sons arrive at the mine and find it as they left it. They pick up the bodies and return home.

Day 194 (1st cycle of autumn, 6th day)
The Sons arrive back at Ironville, only to find the gates closed and black flags running the towers. There is a plague in town.

Talking to Morninglord Henry, they learn that only the kids are so far affected. It started 5 days ago.

The Sons track down patient zero, a boy named Jacob, the son of the miller. After some more investigating, they find out that he must have been affected by the plague at the South Marked, where he went to watch some street artists. There, an old woman gave away candy to all the kids, and apparently showed them a black box full of stars. Or something. 

The Sons deduce that the box must hold the curse/plague, which explains why it can not be cured. Destroying the box is the only way to save the children. Further research reveals that the old woman looks suspiciously like the figurine they found when they killed the Death Knight. Said figurine was placed in Oakwood, so they research famous hags or witches in Oakwood. Only the name Agatha turns up, but she does not live in Oakwood. Instead she lives in the Feywild connected to Oakwood. The Sons also find a story about a druid grove not far away, where the druids once helped some adventurers cross over. They decide to go there to find Agatha and the black box.

At some point during their research they are also reminded of the fact that Eletha Moonray, the spiritual leader of all elves live in Oakwood, that she doesn't like Xuk and Natalia Blackhorn and sits upon a crystal throne in a crystal tower.. Now, where did the crystal for the angel-trap come from again?

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