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You want a map of Hell? A map will do you no good down there. Hell is infinite, and only those of strong will can find their way to their goal. Weak-minded mortals will wander until they run into more demons that they can handle. Those of strong mind might make it further, but make no mistake. They die too, sooner rather than later.
Since Hell is infinite, speaking of direction, size and shape does not make much sense, but if we imagined that Hell had the same overall circular shape as Gemnos, then Bane's Castle of Bone stands in the middle. This is where Bane resides along with Asmodeus and Mephistopheles, with Bane in the central part of the immense castle, while the two Lords of Hell each ruling over one of the two wings.

All the other Lords of Hell have their own distinct area, and the peculiar thing about Hell is, that no matter how you enter Hell, you always end up in Baphomet's Maze first, and then you will have to pass through all the areas before you arrive at the Castle of Bone. Each area has it's one unique exit, and those are some of the most closely guarded secrets on Gemnos.

As noted earlier, the first area you arrive in, is Baphomet's Maze of Despair. The maze is built by 400' walls towering towards a blood-red sky, all indestructible by mortal means. Devils and demons roam the hallways, some alone, some in bands. Blood and gore is everywhere to be found on the red bricks below your feet. At the end of the Maze is Baphomet himself, guarding the gates to Hell. If you want to get further access, you need to pass by or through him.

In the Dungeon of Screams, you will have to fight your way through infinite narrow hallways and torture rooms filled with souls being tortured. If the constant screaming doesn't get to you, maybe one of Yeenoghu's many demons will. Of course, if you are truly unlucky, you might inadvertently stumble into Yeenoghu himself, while he is taking care of a soul.

The Graveyard of Dread is what Orcus calls home, and it is not a pleasant place either. Ruined temples and mausoleums litter the landscape, along with a faint stench of death and a dark, malevolent fog that never seems to go away. Here the devils and demons hide and ambush you, tearing you apart while dragging you down below ground to eat you. Somewhere is the Temple of Orcus, where the Horned Lord plots. Unless you are summoned, best stay far away from that place.

The Jungle of Darkness is where Demogorgon rules. A vast tropical jungle filled with a cacophony of animals, that you will never find, because they do not exists. The only thing, aside from death, that you will find in the Jungle of Darkness, are the devils and demons that answer to Demogorgon. Somewhere deep in the Jungle, in the middle of a huge lake, lies the twin towers of Demogorgon.

The next area that you might enter is the Harem of Lust, which belongs to Grazz't. To be fair, it is more than a harem, although that is where you will usually find Grazz't. Instead it is a gigantic building that holds thousands and thousands of rooms where pleasures of all kinds are explored, although with a very sick twist.

Bel resides in the Caves of Greed, enormous caves filled with gold, gems and hordes of other mortal temptations. Of course, those that take anything will never make it out alive.

Last but not the least, we have the Queen's Wasteland, a desolate, harsh environment full of sharp rocks and hidden crevasses, all covered in eternal dusk, a place where any visitor soon becomes the hunted by Lolth's quads of assassin spiders.

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