onsdag den 21. maj 2014

Session 27

Day 113 (1st cycle of summer, 35th day)
After parting with Petyr, the Sons continued on their way, following the gem towards Elron. After having a bit of trouble crossing a ravine, they finally found Elron in a ruin. Elron turned out to be a human ghost of what looked like a priest of some sort. As they tried to capture him, others undead attacked, but after a quick fight, the Sons were on their way back towards the portal, or at least where they hoped it was.

After making the trip, killing all undeads encountered on their way, the Sons of the Phoenix arrived back and the portal appeared as they approached the correct spot. 

Day 114 (1st cycle of summer, 36th day)
They passed through, back to Ironville in the mortal world, and handed the gems over to Morninglord Henry, who actually looked as if part of him had hoped Arath and the Sons had failed.

After a good night's rest, the Sons went to see Warlord Sophie Ran, who explained the plan. Nevron was to use Passwall on the tunnel to flood it, while the rest of the Sons would sneak into the camp disguised as orcs. Once the tunnel had been flooded, the soldiers of Ironville would charge out and attack the orcs. The Sons were supposed to get close to Xuk and either detain him or kill him, thus crippling the leadership of the orcs.

Everything actually (for once) went according to plan. The tunnel was flooded and the Sons managed to kill Xuk after a long and hard fight. But all around them the battle is still raging, as the orcs have yet to notice their leader is gone. And the humans of Ironville are looking as if they are losing ground to the orcs who outnumber them by a great deal.

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