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Session 25

Day 108 (1st cycle of summer, 30th day)
Urnyx collapses due to the poison, and Arath, Nevron and Chavron jump into the fray and kill the assassins. Arath awakes Urnyx, but he is too weak to continue and stays behind, while the other 3 Sons follow the assassins into the darkness of the sewers.

Using Arath's divine sense, they quickly figure that there must be a secret door hidden nearby, and they find it without a hitch. They enter a dusty area filled with prison cells, and run into a crossfire set up by four assassins. The assassins are skilled and very mobile, and the fight is tough, but naturally, the Sons come out on top.

Just as the Sons finish off the assassins, another one comes back. This one is a mage, and soon, spells fill the dusty air of the (obviously) abandoned prison. Between spells like Blur, Stoneskin and Mage Armor, the mage manages to stand up to the Sons for a while, but unfortunately for him, they manage to resist his most powerful spells, such as Edward's Black Tentacles and Domination. The mage dies, and with the knowledge that there are only two assassins and Silas left, the Sons press on.

As they move up some stairs, Arath's divine connection to Silas is cut - he must have been killed. The hallway is a dead end, but they quickly find the secret door which leads them inside a huge barrel.  They exit the barrel, and find themselves in a wine cellar. There they catch up with the two remaining assassins. One dies quickly (double-crit!) at the hands of Chavron, but the leader proves to be a hard nut to crack. The fight drags on, and the Sons are dangerously close to losing the fight, but in the end, they pull through and he dies.

Aside from a few vials of poison and the money they had paid Silas, the assassins had nothing of interest of them. They did however sport a tattoo, a snake entwining a dagger, which was familiar to Chavron, although he couldn't quite remember where he had seen it.

After killing the Blackhawks, the Sons immediately went to inform Warlord Sophie Ran that they had complete the task, she had set before them. She was very happy, and suggested they swear fealty to Ironville, since they no longer had any affiliations after Ashfield had been sacked. Chavron and Arath weren't interested, but Nevron decided to do so.

Day 109 (1st cycle of summer, 31st day)
Arath gets his plate, at long last. The Sons spent the start of the day at Mostrat's, talking about the man in the coffin. He tells them the following:
  • The Enochian symbols are special, and can only be mastered by celestials and other immortals, so if they want to know more, they need one of those to decipher them. 
Then the Sons go visit the big library, and they find out the following:
  • The demon they saw matches the description of a Balor.
  • Balor are top dogs of the infernal food chain.
  • Balors have many immunities and resistances.
  • Balors typically a well versed in ritual casting of magic, but do not cast spells in combat.
  • A Balor named Ter-Zoth (black and white horns) was left behind when the portal to Hell was closed, finishing the Second Demon War.
Day 110 (1st cycle of summer, 32nd day)
The Sons are awoken by a buzzing in the city. The orcs have come, and taken place about 200 yards south of the city's bridges.

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