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The Faerie

Be careful when entering the Faerie. Time and space do not operate as it does on Gemnos. Things are where they want to be, so maps are useless, and time does not really exist. At least not until you get back to Gemnos. 
The Faerie is the wild twin of Gemnos. Here, in the mirror of the mortal world, you will find perfect blue sky, thousands upon thousands of towering forests, mountains that seem to extend into the clouds, and wild seas that crash incessantly against the desolate shores.

This is were the Eladrins live, along with hags, dryads, formorians, and faerie goblins. Just like the plane which they inhabit, these creatures are infused with magic, it permeates and shapes - or twists them.

While the Faerie might be the most beautiful and breathtaking place in the multiverse, it is also an extremely dangerous place. While some, maybe even most Eladrins tend towards good, their almost alien way of thinking make them hard to predict and deal with. Their good might not be what most mortals consider good. And aside from the Eladrins, there is far between other races that can call themselves good.

As noted, the Faerie is magic and so is it's inhabitants. They do not age, they do not die, but are instead reborn as something else.

The wild landscape is littered with palaces holding the many courts: There are literally hundreds or perhaps thousands of Seelie (good fey creatures) and Unseelie (evil fey creatures) kings and queens who each control their little part of the Faerie. While they are by no means equal, it has been more than a thousand of years since one stood head and shoulders above the rest.

While the many Eladrin kings and queens, the formorian iron kings and the fey goblin kings rule the most bodies by far, there are some other creatures who call the Faerie home who wield far more power by far. They are called the Elders. Ancient enigmatic beings, powerful beyond most mortals and perhaps even so powerful that they can manipulate and shape the Faerie realm around them, who wander the wilds and the courts, influencing and guiding, sometimes providing advice, sometimes causing death and doom.

The 8 elders are: The Green Mother (beautiful green-haired cross between a dryad and an eladrin), The Lantern King (large will o'wisp), Baba Yaga (Hag who travels in her walking hut), Magdag the Prophet (female with three faces), Ouroboros the World Serpent (a rainbow-colored, wingless flying serpent), Magrar the Bear (great white bear), Quorlinn the Raven (3-eyed raven) and Amark the wolf (large jet-black direwolf)

At the center of all roads stands the Eternal Twin Palace, once the home and court of the Summer Queen, until she vanished more than a thousand years ago. The kings and queens of the courts still meets there every summer, scheming to see if someone will emerge powerful enough to grab the power, but so far, not one king or queen has succeeded in gathering enough support in the chaotic politics of the Faerie to do so.
Last but not least, somewhere in the Faerie you can also find the infinite Tower of Sorcery, where Mystra resides along with her followers. The Tower is said to to look like a normal, although big wizard tower, but obviously, it is much bigger on the inside. The Tower of Sorcery is known to move around, never to be found twice in the same spot, making it hard to find for those that Mystra does not wish to visit her.

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