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There is absolutely no reason to travel to Evercold. Unless you plan to wage war on the clans. But why would anyone want to do that? Normal people can't live off their lands, and each barbarian is easily worth 4 or 5 normal soldiers. Subduing them would require a huge army. Larger than many nations could comfortably muster.
Vice-roy Hyperton of Ortygal 

Far to the north-east of Gemnos lies Evercold, arguably the most inhospitable area you can set foot on in the mortal world. Deep fjords, jagged hills, an abundance of large, wild animals and a constant cold that will freeze the marrow of your bones. No, Evercold is definitely not for the faint of heart. And if that wasn't enough, it is inhabited by thousands of clans of aggressive raiders.

Deep from within their fjords, they launch their dragonships and send them out to raid and pillage. The Empire of Zun, the Empire of Ortygal, the Ebon Empire, Varnor. Few places are out of reach of these dragonships who almost supernaturally glide through the water at incredible speeds. Even the Quaran Empire has had their coasts assailed by these northerners. Only the dwarves of the Iron Kingdoms have managed to establish a lasting peace and some trade with them.

Evercold has no central leader, nor a government or any king. Each clan is ruled by a jarl or baron or king, each making his own decisions based on personal beliefs, superstition or the advice of whoever has his ear. Only thing in common all these barbarians have are three things. They love to fight, women are little more than slaves in their eyes and they all worship To, an ancient burtal no-nonesence version of Torax, and believe white dragons are his divine messengers and thus worthy of their worship.

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