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The Ebon Empire

The Ebon Empire? Yeah, I wouldn't go there even if you paid me ten thousand gold pieces. They have more rules than a man could learn in a lifetime. I guess that is what happens when you have an emperor who is immortal.
Tomaz Radiff, explorer extraordinaire of ruins and dungeons all over Gemnos 

Northern Ortygal, even though a part of the Empire of Ortygal, was still very much influenced by it's proximity to Quel'Terath and the Iron Kingdoms. Elves and dwarves were common in all bigger cities, and the two races dominated many aspects of society.

Over the 500 years following the appearance of the New Gods, Bane became fairly popular in northern Ortygal. As the Banites grew in power and controlled more and more villages and towns, the friction with the many elves and dwarves increased rapidly.

Then, in 5123, Xerachotol, self-proclaimed Son of Bane appeared. More than 20 feet tall and extremely powerful, Xerachotol appeared before Karim Darkheart, a lowly priest of Bane in a remote village in northern Ortygal. From there, things went quickly. In just a few short months, several villages, towns and a couple of cities left the Empire of Ortygal, killing or banishing those still loyal to the Empire of Ortygal. Together they formed the Black Federation. The following years, the Black Federation expanded south, swallowing up a good chunk of northern Ortygal.

By 5134, the Ebon Empire was formed, with Xerachotol the Son of Bane as emperor. All demi-humans were given the choice to leave or to subject to the new laws, effectively making them slaves. The borders to the Iron Kingdom and to Quel'Terath closed soon after, stopping trade and passage.

For the next 100 years, Ortygal and the Ebon Empire waged several smaller wars over dominion of the area. Both won some, but all in all, the Ebon Empire gained more than they lost.

Nowadays, even though Xerachotol still rules the Ebon Empire, there is and has been peace for a long time between the two Empires. There is a lot of trade between the Ebon Empire and both Ortygal, the Federation and the Quaran Empire

Instead the Ebon Empire is looking north towards Evercold and east towards the 100 kingdoms.

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