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The 100 Kingdoms

The 100 Kingdoms is insanity on the grandest scales. 100 nations locked in an endless cycle of war, betrayal and alliances that would even make most drow matron mothers think twice before they join the game. Waiting for one king to become strong enough to recreate the glories of the Arborean Empire.
Sage Willian Archibald Grookwald 

Founded in the year 4000, the Arborean Empire was a young aggressive empire comprised of many nations won by the sword over the previous 120 years. Not being able to match the might of Ortygal and not really interested in the goldness of Uruak, the Arborean Empire stopped their expansion at their borders. For years, they plotted and built up their armies, because in their mind, expansion was a  must. Then in 4670, they unleashed their armies on the elves of Quel'Terath.

At first, it looked as if the Arborean Empire, along with their many orc mercenaries, would manage what everyone at the time considered an impossibility: To enter the domain of the elves and destroy their forest cities.

But the elves were not about to capitulate so easily. Their arch-mages, called spell-weavers, found a way to even the odds. Using captured orcs, they created a new race, the half-orc, that could fight for them and even the odds against the overwhelming numbers of the Arboreans. The rest, as they say, is history. The elves won the war, and the Arborean Empire collapsed when the elven-half-orcen army marched into their capital and executed the imperial family.

That was the beginning of the 100 Kingdoms. Ever since, the 100 kingdoms have fought each other trying to get the upper hand, and every one of the 100 kings dream of returning to Phelgrane, the imperial capital sacked by the elves and reclaiming the throne and restoring the metropolis to it's former glory.

Having been locked in constant wars for almost 1000 years on and off, the 100 Kingdoms produce some of the finest soldiers in all of Gemnos. And if some day one king manages to unite them all, their army will be feared by everyone else. Everyone.

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