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Session 41

Day 199 (1st cycle of autumn, 11th day)
After killing Agatha, the Sons, although badly wounded, began to explore her lair. They quickly found a bunch of secret doors she had used to maneuver around unseen. One of those doors let to an area of natural tunnels. The Sons then remembered how bad in shape they were, and decided to take a short break in order to regain their breath. Unfortunately for them, the minotaur wandered around and  their break was interrupted after 20 minutes, when it wandered past their camp. Before anyone else could react, Nevron cast suggestion and convinced it to leave and not come back for an hour. The spell succeeded and they got the time to finish their break. 

As soon as they were ready to go, they tracked down the psycho-cow and killed it. They then found Agathas spellbooks, some gems and a Faerie Dragon named Viola, which had been the prisoner of Agatha's. They liberated Viola, who was grateful (she confirmed Agatha had had meetings with the death knight) and promptly left to return to the mortal world of Gemnos.

Day 200 (1st cycle of autumn, 12th day)
After a good night's rest, they traveled back to the portal, and once they were through, back to Ironville.

The plan was to head to Starkhold and find Metrova, whom they had now realized was a noble down there.

Day 201 (1st cycle of autumn, 13th day)
They went to see Sophie Ran and were told that a rumors were coming in from the east, from Weeping Hills that a demonic figure was assembling an army of cyclops, ogres and orcs. She asked the Sons to head east and find out what was happening. The Sons insisted on heading to Starkhold, but then Sophie told them that finding Metrova might be a problem, as the last Metrova died more than 50 years ago. With that information in hand, the Sons decided to postpone Starkhold and head east to find out if what was happening. They got a boat and a captain to sail them down the river.

Day 214 (1st cycle of autumn, 26th day)
After sailing for 12 days, the Sons were almost upon Faytown. They were hailed by a young woman who turned out to be named Ruby. She warned them against continuing because Faytown had already been occupied. She led the Sons through the woods to a spot overlooking Faytown. There they could see that an army of cyclops, ogres and orcs had taken spot outside, that the town had already fallen and that at least half of the inhabitants were imprisoned in large areas outside town.

While testing several theories, the Sons accidentally realized that Ruby was a fiend. They confronted her, using magic to ascertain whether she was lying, but while she did dance some around the truth, she did seem honest when saying that she was on their side and had no intention on betraying them to Ter-Zoth.

Nevron cast an Arcane Eye spell to investigate, and found that most of the town was empty, except for a few places. A town square with the town leaders in cages, guarded by some ogres. An inn with a orc-leader and an orc shaman. A harbor with lots of orcs guarding some fearsome battleships and finally a town hall with an elf and two cyclops guards. 

The Sons figured the elf had to be a demon, perhaps Ter-Zoth, and decided to have some fun. They sent him a sending, to test him. His answer was that he was not Ter-Zoth but would still enjoy ripping them apart, something which he said while looking right at Nevron's invisible arcane eye before dispelling it.

The Sons then discussed whether they should attack now or wait. While debating, 3 cyclops arrived to kill or capture them, but Nevron managed to suggest to two of them to go find a unicorn, so the Sons could easily deal with the third. Immediately after the fight, the Sons all became invisible, courtesy of Nevron, then headed into town in order to find the elf and kill him.

Unfortunately for the Sons, the elf had been scrying them while they had the discussion, so just as they had entered the gates, they were jumped by a lot of orcs, ogres and cyclops. The Sons made a tactical withdrawal, and made a narrow escape. Or rather, Arath barely made it to the woods with dimension door and haste and has about 80 orcs trailing him, Nevron is running behind those orcs and the rest of the army invisible, while Urnyx is even further away on his own, being hunted by a flying orc.

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