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Hard men and women inhabit Uruak. That much is certain. And they will never admit so, but they live in fear. Long ago, they sold their souls to the wizards and now there is no going back. The Black Robes are the law, yet they exist outside the law. I tell you, those rumors of children with magical aptitude disappearing from their homes are just the tip of the iceberg. 
Gaellar Ytran, moments before he died when four fireballs obliterated the inn he was staying at. 

Located in eastern Anglar, south of the 100 kingdoms, north of Pyrrak and east of the Inner Sea, Uruak is to many a very inhospitable place. Half of the country are plains where the ground is hard and things only grow there with great difficulty. The other half are hills. That is probably why the original inhabitants of Anglar avoided the are for so long.

But around 1100, roaming tribesmen were no longer the only inhabitants of Uruak. Villages began to spring up near the Inner Sea, gradually moving further and further inland.

But it was a hard land, difficult to live there and even more difficult to prosper there. For another millennia, the people of Uruak struggled. Then the people turned to magic to solve their problems. Even the lowliest village soon had a spell-caster or two to help them make things just a bit easier.

As things became better, the inhabitants of Uruak became more and more dependent on magic in order to survive and evolve. Naturally, the spell-casters got more and more influence and soon, most villages were run by those spell-casters, if not in name, then in reality.

For a long time, things stayed pretty much the same in Uruak. No one but those living there were interested in the land, so the other nations let them be.

Then in 4666, the Black Council was formed. The most powerful spell-casters of the land donned black robes and masks and named themselves the Black Robes, and decided they needed to take an active hand in leading, not just the individual city-states, but the nation as a whole. Ever since, the spell-casters have run Uruak.

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