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Is there something wrong with Heaven? Well, Heaven is not really what I imagined it to be, but on the other hand, Heaven is so much more. It's a bit like living in your most pleasant memory. Not repeating it, but reliving it, in an infinite amount of ways, in a constant state of indifference and rapture at the same time. That's the closest description I can give of Heaven. No, there is nothing wrong with Heaven. Now the angels on the other hand. They are not at all what you would expect.
Written by Marquan the Sage in "Musings on the afterlife", attributed to the late Sir Renard, who at the time had been dead for 213 years.
Heaven is a plane. Heaven is a place. Heaven is so much more. It is the place where the good souls are supposed to go, when they die. It's where Bahamut resides, along with all the angels. If you follow the Fourteen, it is where Pelor, Torm and Lathander and their followers reside. It is a place of good, of peace. Pelor can be found in the Temple of Life, Torm in the Halls of Justice while Lathander resides in the Forge of Eternal Light.

In reality, Heaven is many places. It is an infinite amount of places. Or rather, it is a number of planes equal to the number of souls currently residing in Heaven.

You see, the dark of the place is that each soul make it's own Heaven, in it's own image. The more powerful and the more true a soul is, the bigger that place is. So Bahamut, the arch-angels and the three aspects naturally have fairly big areas under their influence, but the rest, well it's not like they are stuck in a closet, but there are definitely boundaries nearby. And worst of all, if such a thing can be said about Heaven, is that at first and most of the times always, the souls are confined to their own Heaven. Only through time, luck or experience, can they learn to navigate and enter the Heaven of others.

That limitation doesn't apply to the angels, nor to the gods, obviously.

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