mandag den 7. april 2014

Marquan the sage

Marquan the Sage - what a pretentious title! But I must admit that the man knows what he is talking about. But if you want him to talk, you better bring a cartful of gold or a book he has never read, otherwise you will never even get to ask the answer you badly want an answer for. I do however wonder at times, if he really gets his information just from his books. They must be some books...
Rumors about the old man abound. Some say he struck a deal with a devil, in order to get access to all the knowledge of Hell, while others claim that he is kept prisoner by warlord Grik Clogmark, ordered to research how to make Eletha fall inlove with the gnomish warlord.

But fact is that Marquan the Sage is famous all over the Seven Army Nations and in the days of yore, he was often consulted by men of power, both warlords, high priests and adventurers but these days, only the warlord of Rosewall, where Marquan resides, seem to have access to the aging man and his rooms filled with ancient books and scrolls.

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