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Session 21

Day 84 (1st cycle of summer, 11th day)
After some long deliberations and a Contact Other Plane ritual cast from scroll, the Sons decide to find Acidbreath and try to figure out more about why the demon was looking for it.

Day 85 (1st cycle of summer, 12th day)
As the Sons make their way through the Swamp of Death on a raft, they run into a troll. And another. Soon they are being hunted by a lot of trolls, and figuring that more are arriving, Nevron transforms into a pegasus and drags the raft away at high speed. 

Day 86 (1st cycle of summer, 13th day)
After almost 3 days of traveling through the rancid swamp, the Sons arrive at the place described as being near Acidbreath's lair by Swamprot. A large body of water, with a hilly island in the middle and an old oak on top of the hill. On the way, Urnyx has caught some fish that black dragons supposedly like, and the land is to offer up the magic spoon, which is unique, as incentive to not kill them.

They climb to the top of the hill and hang the fish from the oak. And wait.

Swamprots arrives and the Sons engage in diplomacy with the great black dragon. Unfortunately, the journey through the swamp has somehow rendered their ability to lie and persuade void, and the aggressive black beast soon tires of their transparent bullshit and draws in breath to shover them in acid...

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