mandag den 7. april 2014

The Death Dancers

The Death Dancers? What a quaint notion. You do realize that no such organization has never existed within our church, right? Those are just lies spread by other divine agents. Probably by the church of Torax. I can assure you that our Dark Lady needs no mortals to get her souls. She just takes them, if it is their time.
 - High Raven Hrolar, Starkhold

The Death Dancers are an ultra-secret, outlawed branch of the church of the Raven Queen. Following a version of reality that none other are privy to, the Dancers see themselves as the prolonged arm of the Dark Queen, bringing death to those that deserve it, those that should have died. At least, that is according to themselves. Or rumors. Some perceive them as nothing more than very expensive and effective assassins for hire.

Either way, the Death Dancers, said to be cloaked in black and wearing raven and gold masks, allegedly leave no one alive who sees them. The magically-trained orphans raised by the church of the Raven Queen strike at night, in the dark, with their silver daggers and never leave any clues.They do leave behind a black raven feather whenever they kill.

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