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Session 20

Day 79 (1st cycle of summer, 6th day)
The Sons climb down the hillside, and attempt to sneak in on the cyclops necromancer, as he is casting his ritual. As they get almost within striking distance, a huge skeletons bursts out of the ground, and the fight is on. While Arath occupies the skeleton, Urnyx runs up and turns upside down the the giant cauldron, while taking a beating. As he does so, the necromancers calls for his minions, and about 250 zombies come crashing out the city gates, headed for the fight.

The fight drags on. The skeleton dies, but the Sons are severely and cursed, but finally manage to kill the cyclops and run away, mere seconds before they are engulfed in the undead wave coming towards them.

They hide in the jungle, and double back and climb up on the hill, where they rest. 

Day 80 (1st cycle of summer, 7th day)
The next morning, the undead have dispersed. As they climb down and prepare to head south to warn the village of Porrac about the undead which might be coming their way, a severely wounded man comes stumbling out the jungle saying:
Byedra. Demons. Help
Arath heals the poor man, whose name is Arthur. He says that he is from Byedra, further to the west. He tells the Sons that demons (which look like gorillas) attacked the village. He begs them to help. They leave immediately for Byedra.

Day 81 (1st cycle of summer, 8th day)
As they arrive to Byedra, they find a burnt out village. A kid named Simon appears out of hiding, and tells that a half-orc in armor arrived, asking about who to reach Acidbreath. When the village couldn't  or wouldn't help him, he summoned 4 demons and set them on the village. Simon survived by hiding, but noone else seemed to have survived. As the Sons are talking to the kid, two demons surprise them, jumping in on them.

With the demons dead, they head towards Porrac, with Arthur and Simon in tow. They sail along the coast and arrive in Porrac the next day.

Day 82 (1st cycle of summer, 9th day)
They talk to Aaron, the leader of Porrac, but not much is learned, other than there has been a longstanding arrangement with Acidbreath: Money for protection and existence. He does point them towards Esmeralda, an old woman living just outside the village.

She tells the Sons that she knows little, other than Swamprot, a local druid is the man to talk to. For a little payment, she tells them where to find him. As the Sons leave, she does a reading on Urnyx.
I see you fighting your brothers, killing them out of duty, if not pleasure
Leaving Arthur and Simon in the village, the Sons head northward, in search for Swamprot.

Day 83 (1st cycle of summer, 10th day)
On the way north, the Sons are attacked by a hydra, who destroys a lowhanging bridge the Sons are passing over. The fight takes place in the water, and even though the 5-headed beast is fearsome, it still is no match for the Sons of the Phoenix.

Day 84 (1st cycle of summer, 11th day)
The Sons finally find Swamprot, an orc druid. He is not convinced that telling them where Acidbreath lives is the right thing to do. They debate back and forth.

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