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The Black Mass

It's kinda ironic - or frightening perhaps. Despite the fact that Kranak was the head of a church that kidnapped thousands of people and tried to turn them into undead, despite all the vile things he did against our fair city, he will always be known as the father of Krakas the Dark.
 -José Stark, year 5846
The priests of the Raven Queen were for a very long time exclusively run by women. Around 5310, that changed and the Black Kings were formed. A male-only fraction of the church, which through the years grew to power, a in some parts of Gemnos even managed to wrestle control from the women.

The Black Kings were focused, nay obsessed with the death aspect of the Raven Queen. Only through death could you truly understand the Dark Queen, only through death could real power be gained. In fact, all members of the fraction had to die before joining. Not for long, obviously, because it resurrection was not the way to come back, nor was undeath. No, you had to die, just for a minute or two, then be brought back through the will of another priest, if you wanted to join.

At first viewed with some distrust by the general population, the Black Kings soon found themselves admired. Dying for their faith, only to come back, even stronger. Now that was something even the common folk could admire, and in some areas of Gemnos, the Black Kings flourished.

After the Second Demon War, when people returned and built what is now Starhold, the Black Kings had a huge part in the rebuilding and their power in Starkhold grew. Come 5750, it was a forced to be recognized.

High Priest Kranak took office and was not only running the church, but also a close advisor of the Starks.

However, unbeknownst to everybody outside the church, the Black Kings had begun to push the teachings of the Raven Queen in another direction. Obsessed with death and power, the clergy had begun experimenting on live victims to create intelligent and obedient undead. They thought they could find a way to create an unbeatable army and conquer the Seven Army Nations. For years, literally thousands of people disappeared and were experimented upon, and had the experiments been allowed to go on, surely the Black Kings would have been able to complete and perfect their necromantic ritual.

Unluckily for them, someone in the dark of things decided to spill the beans and the Starks were told what their close allies were doing in the dark dungeons of their temples.

High priest Kranak and all other Black Kings were brought to justice in Starkhold and had their heads chopped up, while (allegedly) the Death Dancers of the Dark Queen brought swift justice to all other followers of the Black Kings. In a few weeks during 5797, the Black Kings, along with their temples, were no more.

Of course, as everyone knows now, Kranak left behind a son, Krakas, who would soon grow to be even more infamous than his father.

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