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The Brave Wyverns

I swear to the gods, I was dead. Or so I thought. I had gotten lost from my unit exploring the ruins of Re'tabar, when round the corner came a dozen demons. They surged forwards, claws and fangs bared, ready to rip me to pieces. As they closed in and jumped towards my throat, I saw 4 humans turn the corner further down the street. I closed my eyes and braced for impact, but it never came. Seconds later the demons were dead, and Esteban was creating a portal so I could return to my unit. I didn't have a scratch, nor had I heard a sound. But Karan's sword and Red Jack's dagger were bloody with green ichor.
Yurik, Soldier in the Fallen Empire's army, year 5697

Karan Demonslayer, Red Jack, Arthuro the Pure and Esteban Timebender. Legendary names embodying courage, determination and a little bit of insanity.

In 5698, what has later come to be called the Second Demon War, had been going on for 20 years. The People of the Cursed lands had fled south and north, and only soldiers and the bravest of souls were left on the continent. 

For twenty years, the four friends fought and bled, first to preserve the Fallen Empire, then get it back from the demons. 

Karan Demonslayer. According to the stories, 7 feet tall, wielding his magical greatsword Raknaaroak in one hand, capable of splitting a demon in one stroke, yet gentle and a consummate story-teller. In battle, he was the leader of the Brave Wyverns. 

Red jack, named as such for his dark past. The assassin that saved the world. The most wanted criminal in the empire turned himself in, volunteering his services to the Emperor. What a story. 

Arthuro the Pure. A priest of Pelor that would not budge in his faith. Captured and tortured for more than a year by the demons, Arthuro's faith kept him alive where lesser man would have abandoned all hope and broken. Finally ripped to pieces by the Red Triad before returning as an angel and helping the other Brave Wyverns close the portal.

Esteban Mindbender. Said to be so powerful he could bend time with his will. While Karan was the leader in battle, Esteban was definitely the brains before and after the battles. A once-in-a-millenium mind coupled with powerful divinations, Esteban usually had contingencies built upon contingencies layered over more contingencies. He analyzed and prepared for every eventuality, and is more than anyone else credited with turning the tide against the demons, closing the portal and saving millions of lives during the war.

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