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Session 22

Day 86 (1st cycle of summer, 13th day)
The fight with the dragon is brutal. The dragon's breath weapon is lethal, and it's ability to instill fear into even the bravest causes a lot of problems for the Sons. Nevron goes down, almost dying, but Arath rescues him with a mad dash. The fight continues, and they do manage to wound the dragon, enough for it to decide to retire to it's lair to have more advantage. 

The Sons decide that they are fighting a losing battle and that they need a new plan. So they make a strategical withdrawal.

Day 88 (1st cycle of summer, 15th day)
The Sons arrive back in Porrac. They convince Aaron and the villagers that Acidbreath has made an alliance with the demon that has destroyed the other villages and that they are next. The Sons want to take advantage of Aaron's ability of contacting the dragon to lure it into a track.

They also convince Esmaralda to make them a foul-smelling concoction that will protect them somewhat from the acid.

Day 91 (1st cycle of summer, 16th day)
After days of preparation, the Sons of the Phoenix have Aaron and the villagers call on Acidbreath, having set up a fake offering. The Sons hide in a boat next to the dragon-statue.

Acidbreath arrives, but notices the Sons, killing Aaron. Fight starts and soon Urnyx latches on to the back of the dragon, hacking away it's life. It's a long and brutal battle, but in the end, the Sons of the Phoenix can call themselves: Dragonslayers.

Day 92 (1st cycle of summer, 14th day)
The villagers and the Sons celebrate the death of the dragon.

Day 95 (1st cycle of summer, 17th day)
The Sons arrive back at the dragon's lair. After dealing with some trolls, they find and enter the lair through the underwater entrance. Inside the lair, they find the dragon's hoard, which includes a lot of money, some gems and artifacts and also a couple of magical items and potions. But most noteworthy is the coffin-esque crystal with a blonde man inside.

As they discuss what to do, they receive a vision of Elias sitting in a circle of candles:
Hurry home. Ashfield will soon be under attack by the orcs. I don’t think we can hold for long, given the size of the army.

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