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Session 24

Day 102 (1st cycle of summer, 24th day)
Quickly Nevron casts invisibility and heads back to the warehouse. There he sees a shadar-kai pick up the wand and bid 8 orcs to follow him. Nevron runs back to the church and gets the other Sons, who meanwhile had been somewhat healed by Elias.

They run down the streets, catching up with the shadar-kai and the orcs. The Shadar-kai tries to make a run for it, while the orcs stop the Sons, but Nevron turns him into a turtle. One of the orcs then picks up the turtle and continue towards the battle in the southern part of the town. 

Nevron casts fly to catch, which breaks the polymorph, but he manages to stall the Shadar-kai while the rest of the Sons kill the remaining orcs. 

Once the fight is over, Arath and Urnyx limb very wounded back to the church, to the heals of Elias, while Nevron flies out of harms way towards the battle and orders the golems to break from the fight and head north, into the water, to guard the crystal coffin. 

They all meet up by the docks, where an orc atop a huge lizard is parked, surveying the area. The Sons give him the slip and board a small boat and sail away from Ashfield, which is now burning, lost to the orcs.

Day 103 (1st cycle of summer, 25th day)
After sailing a short while, they stop to find the tracks of the army, which they do. It appears to be heading east. They continue to sail east, and during the night, they pass by the gigantic orc army.

At evening, they arrive in Chalkam, which has been mostly evacuated, leaving only able-bodied soldiers behind.

Day 104 (1st cycle of summer, 26th day)
They continue towards Ironville Crossing, passing Riverburn, which has been sacked completely.

Day 106 (1st cycle of summer, 28th day)
They finally arrive in Ironville.

Almost immediately, they head towards the palace, to talk to Hagron, Nevron's uncle. As it turns out, he is now a close advisor to Warlord Sophie Ran. Sophie asks the Sons to help her with a problem. Some nobles (presumably) have hired an assassin's guild called the Blackhawks to kill her. She is busy enough due to 50.000 orcs heading her way, and doesn't need any distractions. 

Arath dumps off his plate armor to be refitted with a smith.

They hire a sage called Mostrat to look into the coffin and the sigils.

They learn from Hagron that Togir of the Short Brothers is supposed to know something about the assassination.

Day 107 (1st cycle of summer, 29th day)
After dinner, the Sons find Togir in a small tavern called the Drunken Halfling down in Sewer, the poorest of the wards. He quickly tells them that Silas, a rogue who has worked in the kitchen of the palace, is the one to have contact with the assassins. At first, he says it is because the Short Brothers want to keep Sophie as warlord, but when pressed, he admits that he was told by the high-ups the day before the Sons arrived that they would come and ask, and that he should cooperate. 

Shortly before midnight, the Sons track down Silas in his house near the Fish Market. A bluff and some gold later, he has agreed to show them the way into the palace the next evening. 

Day 108 (1st cycle of summer, 30th day)
Instead of going home, the Sons hide outside Silas' house. They are not disappointed. A bit later, he leaves the house. Using his divine magic, Arath tracks Silas through the dark city, to the very place Silas has set for them the next night. There they see Silas meet up with 9 dark-clad humanoids and head into the sewers.

The Sons follow them into the sewers, but quickly find themselves ambushed, when (at least) two assassins jump Urnyx as he comes down the stairs.

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