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So you have heard about the treasures of Quel'Terath? Let me save you some time, lad. Give me your money and your knife. Let me cut your throat. At least that way, your money stays in human hands. If you enter the forest, you will not find gold and riches, just death.
Yarm Beersling, Innkeeper, the 100 Kingdoms 
Quel'Terath, also called The Elven Refuge. A large forest untouched by man.

The forest has always belonged to the elves, but in the old days, it was a place open to all, where you could visit the elven cities and mingle with the fay folk. Those days are long gone. Because of the greed and violence of human rulers, the elven king and queen long ago closed their borders.

For more than 900 years, no non-elf has set food inside Quel'Terath and lived to tell about it. Instead it has become a place of refuge for elves all around Gemnos that has seen their territory encroached upon, whether it be by humans, orcs or something else all together.

So, little is known about the place today. But the ancient stories tell of a place full of life, with beautiful crystal palaces seemingly grown from the earth itself. They speak of the King and Queen of elves, eternal and wise, of a fusion of art, magic and song intertwined into the fabric of reality. The stories also speak of riches beyond the wildest dreams of the richest mortal king - something which may explain why so many have tried to attack and take control of the elven empire. Naturally all have failed, because as the old stories go, Quel'Terath the forest is alive and protects the elves.

In fact so little is known, that sages today do not even know if King Dernath and Queen E'virha still rule the empire of elves, as they did 900 years ago. Normal elves do not live that long, but elven royalty has been known to obey other rules.

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