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There is no chain of command as you are used to in the Empire. Sure, they might pay me, at least once in a while, but as far as you are concerned, I am both Emperor, First Dragon-General, High Priest of Cyric and whatever else you might need. One person makes the decisions, and that is me. Best get used to that, Shell-head*, or you will find yourself unarmed and outside the palisades. 
-Orak Redscale, First Scale in New Kyz, Nalindor, year 5848
Located all the way to the west, Nalindor is the last place on Gemnos not fully explored. Only discovered in 5839 , the continent still holds many secrets.

In the 10 years since the discovery of Nalindor, many nations have sent explorers and colonizers to the west in order to stake their claim on this new territory.

What they have discovered is a thick jungle inhabited by bloodthirsty, flesh-eating goblins, albino mutes and very large and aggressive animals of all kinds. Rumors further speak of ancient civilizations discovered deep in the jungles, but each nation keep whatever they have discovered in the dark. Furthermore, the other rumors speak of encounters with intelligent blue ogres, dark elves living above ground, monsters warped by the Mists of Madness and ancient ruins built by what must be gargantuan creatures.

10 years into the colonization, each nation present on the continent holds one or two towns at the most and perhaps a handful of villages. While playing settlers is very appealing to some, the colonization of Nalindor has yet to be a smash hit. Sure, many nations are involved, but due to a lack of big find (gold, diamonds or something else very valuable and in big quantities), the nations aren't that invested, and being sent there can in many circles be seen as a punishment - and probably is. Thus the people living in Nalindor come in two kinds. Either they are a rough bunch or they are grossly incompetent but too well connected to have executed. Both kinds best be avoided.

*Shell-head is a derogatory term for young dragonborn. It implies they have recently hatched and are thus still very inexperienced.

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