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The Birth of the Seven Army Nation

The Seven Army Nation? It might not have been the grandest of ideas, but it sure beat the alternative at the time.
-Eletha Moonray, year 5846 
In early 5776 the western part of the Cursed Lands, now known as the Seven Army Nation, was ravaged by war and had been for a long time. With people returning to their lands after the devastating war against the demons, the power vacuum had created anarchy and chaos everywhere.

For the first 15 years, chaos stayed within the cities who were being repopulated, as diverse individuals tried to assert their influence and struggled for power. Then, with the advent of warlords who acquired control over the cities, the struggle expanded in scale, and many wars were fought. Warlord against rebels, warlord against warlord, warlord against anyone nearby not bowing to him.

For 45 years, there were wars on and off, and the people were suffering as no one had time to tend their crops, if they were even allowed to stand as many were simply burnt down by the enemy. Thus the people was starving, but the seven warlords kept coming at each other, like rabid dogs. There was little hope of peace, as the warlords refused to meet and discuss terms face to face.

Fortunately for everyone, Eletha Moonray thought otherwise. Already a powerful political figure before the Second Demon War, the seemingly eternal elven ruler had as always kept close ties to all men of power in some capacity from her hidden Crystal Palace in Oakwood. Some warlords valued her council, some were smitten by her otherworldly beauty while others were - allegedly - afraid that she would ally herself with another warlord.

So when Eletha called on them, they travelled in secrecy to Oakwood. Although they had no idea that she had invited all of them to her palace, they would probably have come none the less.

What happened in the Crystal Palace is sketchy at best, as none of the warlords spoke of it in details for many years, and most never said anything at all. But in 5811, on his deathbed, Ergard Durant, warlord of Lochhurst, revealed some of what might have happened.

For five days and five nights, the warlords were adamant that they did not want to create a nation with more than one ruler. And none of them had any interest in having one of the other warlords as ruler. After five days Eletha had enough and the seven warlords were called to her throne-room.
My Lords, it has come to my attention that you have not yet managed to find a solution. You have spent five days in my palace and nothing has come of it. I know you mistakenly believe that I merely invited you here to facilitate the possibility of finding a solution. You could not be more wrong. I invited you all here, because I want a solution. I want peace, and believe me, I am accustomed to have things my way. 
You now have until dawn to find a lasting solution. If you do not have one that you can agree upon, I will have you all executed right here, on the dais in front of my throne, and maybe your successors will be more amendable. 
Also, just in case you think you can make a fake deal, return to your castle and then continue your petty struggle for power, let me enlighten you. While you have stayed in my castle, my royal mage has stolen a little bit of your soul and keyed it to a gem kept in safety. Should you double-cross me, I will crush the gem, your life and your soul, leaving you to haunt the Underworld for eternity.
Any questions, my lords? I thought not. Now leave and I will be seeing you at dawn.
Now, this may just be the ramblings of a dying old man ravaged by disease of the mind. All other accounts speak of negotiations, diplomacy and a wish to make something good for all men. Then again, it might just be the truth.

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