fredag den 18. april 2014

The Wall of Gemnos

The wall of Gemnos is the oldest building in Gemnos. No one knows who built it,  but as long as man has recorded history on Gemnos, the Wall has been there, eternal, tall and unbreakable.

More than 3000 miles long, 100 feet high and about 60 feet thick, built with flawless stones dipped in magic, the Wall cuts across from the Narrow Sea across the plains of Lamar, around the Mountains of Zark, separating Varnor from the Republic and all the way to the Sea of Djabi.

It is said it was built to keep out flesh-eating monsters who roamed the plains of what is now the Republic, before the dawn of man. Whether that is true or not is very hard to say. Throughout the ages, the wall has had many purposes. For examples, nomads of Varnor have been using it for hundreds of years as a way to pass into adulthood. Amongst the tribes, any boy wanting to be a man only had to travel to the wall and scale it without help.

Today it has three primary functions. First of all, it serves as a border between Varnor and the Republic. The towers, located with 1500 feet between them, are manned by Varnor. Second of all, the wall serves as a trade road, running across the continent. Third but not least, the wall is a city onto itself. Or rather many small villages. All along on top of the wall, communities has sprung up, along the trade route. With the wall being 60' thick, the 20' in the middle is road, while the rest is used for buildings.

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