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High Imprecator Julius Maccra

You say the Magna Maccra has too many laws? My Lord, allow me to disagrees. For example, there is no law against saying such a thing, which, now that I think about it, there ought to be. I mean, speaking ill of this masterpiece will surely not encourage others to follow it to the letter, aye? And not following the Magna Maccra to the letter is going against Torm's will, aye? And what happens to those that defy the gods? 
High Imprecator Julius Maccra 
Before the Second Demon War, before it was called the Cursed Lands, the continent was dominated by the Empire, later called the Fallen Empire during and right after the Second Demon War. Officially the Empire was ruled by it's emperors, but in reality, it was ruled by a series of High Imprecators, the most famous of which is High Imprecator Julius Maccra.

Born as noble, High Imprecator Julius Maccra made a rapid rise to fame and power within the church of Torm. But it became soon apparent that the traditional teaching of Torm did not fit him well. He founded the Crusaders of the Silent God, a fraction within the church that believed not only in order, but also in the necessity to spread the order aggressively to neighbor nations. They believed they were destined to bring order to the entirety of Gemnos and that those who opposed them were not fit to rule, nor have a say in how they were ruled.

Under his guidance, the Crusaders of the Silent God prospered and so did the Empire. Neighbor nations fell to the imperial armies and the word of Torm was spread. High Imprecator Julius Maccra soon became the most trusted advisor of the Emperor and for almost 40 years, he was the de facto ruler of the Empire.

While High Imprecator Julius Maccra was aggressive when it came to spreading the word of Torm and bring order and justice to all nations, he was still a visionary man. The Empire became a good place to live, food was plentiful and crime was almost eradicated at some point. A free man of the Empire could walk almost anywhere unharmed, as other nations knew that the Empires retribution would be swift and hard, should any one of their citizens be subject to attack.

It was also a period of time where libraries and other places of learning were built by the hundreds. Aqueducts sprung up all over in the Empire, making sure there was water for all. In general you could say that High Imprecator Julius Maccra used the considerable wealth of the Empire to improve the lives of all. All those who followed the laws, that is.

It was also a time that saw the Magna Maccra created, the greatest tome of law man has ever written.  While some might think there were too many laws, one can not read the Magna Maccra and not be impressed. The laws were simple and to the point. They were easy to understand and so was the punishment should you break the law. Torms word (or at least as the Crusaders interpreted it), written by High Imprecator Julius Maccra, had become law.

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